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Default Re: Interested in a singles cruise

I'm not aware of any travel agencies that limit their clientele to that specific age group. Most of the agencies that arrange these cruises for singles, usually have up to 50% of their clients over the mid-thirties. In general, the longer the cruise, the higher percentage of this age group, especially on 7 day or longer cruises. The percentage also goes up on cruises outside the caribbean and Mexican Riviera, such as Europe, Alaska, South America, etc. Even in the caribbean and Mexico, there would be at least 25% of the cruisers in that age group. So with any of the cruises agencies dealing with singles groups, there would be many cruisers in your age group. I should qualify that by saying I'm speaking of cruises on conventional cruiseships and riverboats, not sailing ships. The fact that there are different age groups on a singles cruise shouldn't be an inhibiting factor, as usually, people in any particular age group will tend to gravitate to others they have something in common with, such as age. So you would have lots of company in your age group, regardless of the different ages represented on the cruise. There is a listing on this site, under singles cruises, of some of the agencies dealing with these kinds of cruises that could give you any further information by calling them or going to their specific sites. Good luck.
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