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Default Travel Gent said HAL is the worst Cruise Line ?

..............Although I'm sure that this is hard to even comment on........My wife & I were at a recent " social gathering ", at which time, in conversation, we remarked that we were going on a Cruise shortly with HAL which I had booked, at a ' great price on-line. '..........Hearing our remark; a woman ( who represented hearself as a Travel Agent ) replied that I had gotten such a ' great price ' on this Cruise because ( in her ' professional ' opinion )...." HAL is the worst Cruise Line & Carnival is the best Cruise line. " My wife & I concurred that this sounded like ' sour grapes ' to us beacause we had not used a Travel Agent to book the Cruise ( we have previously Cruised with Princess, Norwegian & Costa & have always booked our own Cruise ). Although this is a subjective matter; I find it difficult to believe that the above ' opinion ' is shared by the majority of Travel Agents and/ or CruiseMates Staff or readers ??? With all of its recent acquisitions; I believe that Carnival is probably the largest; .........however, as for the rest ?????
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