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Default Re: Travel Gent said HAL is the worst Cruise Line ?

I would not use that TA as she is obviously too biased to make sound decisions based on her clients needs. No cruisline is the worst or the best for everyone as each has a 'target' group that they cater to. HAL is mostly for the older folks that appreciate art and relaxation but they are also attracting the younger cruisers as well now with their newer ships. It is still not a cruiseline that i would recommend for taking the kids on. I also like Carnival very much, probably the best of all for our needs, yet I by no means think it is the best for someone else, or even us on some occasions. Much depends on what people are looking for and wanting to do while on cruises and after determining their needs and expectations a good TA will recommend the right cruiseline and even ship and itinary.

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