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Default Re: Re: Re: Travel Gent said HAL is the worst Cruise Line ?

............I appreciate the many positive responses that I received in response to my original ' post '. I related many of these responses to my wife & I think that the number of positive responses that we received served to offset any concerns that my wife & I may have had in lieu of the Travel Agents original general negative comments about HAL Cruises. At this point in time; we agree that her comments were rude, unprofessional, subjective, biased & more than likely motivated by the fact that I had selected & booked the Cruise on my own without her input or assistance and therefore......she did not receive any commission on my booking...............While I'm certain that there are many Travel Agents who work hard to earn their commissions & do render a service to their clients..........I don't think that I " missed out " on anything by not utilizing the services of this particular Travel Agent.
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