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Cruising since 1972 we have only experienced one incident involving liquor bottles in our suitcases being broken.We usually double wrap the bottle in a plastic container we get with the delivery of our newspapers; then wrap the bottle with a tee shirt and finally pack in the middle of the suitcase .
On a recent cruise with Holland American, Statendam, a bottle purchased aboard ship, Grand Manier, must have broke on disembarkation, despite our method of protecting bottle.

I attribute that to the health of the HAL crew for on embarkation they took the bags up in the rear elevators and I witnessed this one crew member, who was quite big, see how far he could toss the bags. I suppose no matter how careful you are, there is alays a chance of the bottle breaking. We go back to the days that you could buy a can of beer for 35 cents; a brand liguor drink for 75 cents., a glass of "house wine" for 50cents. Today a glass of house wine runs $3.50 to 5.25 fio a 'short pour glass". Liquor is between $4 dollars to 6 dollars plus.
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