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Default Re: Mexican Riviera???


You can find Randi's website at: or just type in Randi's Happys Horses in search. You can see photos of her and the horses and there are testimonials from past riders. The cost, I think, is about $45 per person and you pay her when you get there. She meets you as you get off your ship...look for her hot pink RANDI'S signs. She arranges all the transportation to and from the ride and she makes sure that you are back in plenty of time. Some of our group didn't go back to the ship and she gave them detailed directions on how to get where they were wanting to go.

Our main reason for looking for an alternative to booking a horseback riding excursion from the ship was that on Carnival the weight limit is 220 or something close to that and both hubby and I were over the weight limit. Randi assured me that wasn't a problem because her horses were very well kept and she had a range of different size horses. I am glad we had to book off the ship because finding Randi was a real treat.

On our last cruise I even emailed her from the ship about a couple that wanted to book with her and she was able to accommodate them at the last minute but I would definitely email her and make reservations beforehand if you really want to make sure you have a spot. It was a lot of fun, had a great day riding, a good lunch on the beach too.

As for other excursions, we took was the Countryside tour in Puerto Vallarta. The country was beautiful and it was interesting, if not heartbreaking, to see how people live away from the cities. I had heard that the tequila factory tour was a good one, we didn't go because we had our kids, didn't think they would be interested.

In Cabo we have taken the excursion that takes you to San Jose Del Cabo. It was all right, not all that though. On this last cruise we had more fun just going downtown on our own. We walked to town, although I don't know if I would try that was HOT!! The streets are very unevenly paved and when walking with a 62 year old legally blind woman (my mom) in that kind of heat...well, you can see where I am going with this. It really wasn't a bad walk though as far as distance. We walked to Cabo Wabo and then to Hard Rock and spent time looking in all the little shops along the way. We got smart and took a taxi (van) back to the ship at a cost of $15 total. Not too bad since there were 8 of us. One person in our group booked the snorkeling excursion off the ship, it was about $50 for the two hour excursion. He had a good time but to me it looked like the water wasn't very clear from the underwater photos he took. He did say that you really couldn't see very well and ended up butting heads with another snorkler.

Hope this has helped you some. Even if you don't book a lot of excursions, you are going to love the Pride. Our best days this time was on the port days when most people were off the ship. Have a great time!!


P.S. Make sure you try the showers in the spa. Five different shower heads coming at you from different directions...that was a treat.


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