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Default Included vs not included

My partner and I are going on the 6/11/04 sailing of the QM2 - a caribbean cruise - and I was wondering if I could get a few questions answered by some of those with a bit more recent experience. I seem to get a busy-signal everytime I try Cunard.

1. Are alcoholic beverages still extra? I have read that some cruise lines no longer charge, but wasn't sure about Cunard. If so, is that accross-the-board or are they ever included?

2. How many evenings should I be prepared to dress formally for dinner? We're in a P-1 cabin, if that makes any difference. Are the majority of the guys actually in black-tie or do the suits prevail?

Thanks for any feedback - looking forward to the trip. If anyone's planning to be on that trip as well, say hello!
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