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Default Re: Okay, please tell me why I need passports...

Okay, here are just a few of the reasons. In Belize you do need a passport UNLESS you are there less than 24 hrs on a cruiseship. Now if something happens and you need to fly out of that country for some reason and leave the ship...difficult. What is something else happens and God forbit someone is injured and placed in the hospitial there? How would you stay with the person without documentation? Impossible, proibably not but darn difficult and a huge hassle. OKay now, also when you get off the ship, there are usually two lines when you return, one for passports, and one for birth certificates. Guess which one you basically walk quickly through and which one you stand for an hour or more in? How about that next "cruise bargain" you run across that you will need a passport for. I havce also been saying since 9/11 that passports will become required in many countries that now do not require them. That is happening right now and I have no doubt that many islands will soon require them. Also, they are definate proof of identification in anything you do both internationally AND domestically. Use them on local flights, as ID for anything such as signing legal papers, etc. Many, many reasons to get one and only one not to which is the cost and if you figure it out, they basically cost less than a dollar a month. Besides, they're cool. <G>

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