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Shirley Brown
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Default Re: Re: Problems with Carnival HELP

A big thank you to all who responded! The price quoted did include tax and port charge, that was not the problem!
No, I did not receive a fax or email for confirmation on the price, and yes it is my word against theirs! Had I to do it all over again, would have requested an email!!
To date no one yet has returned my calls from Carnival.
I did check other companies and a lot on the net and for sure Carnival had the best price, even paying the additional $100.00 that they are charging.
Soooo I have come to terms with it all, and decided to let the charge stand.
Thanks for the email address to customer relations, I will send an email.
I did yesterday talk to another reservationist who was great, went over all the pricing, and has requested an upgrade for all that I have been through. She was great and I have her name and extension number and in the future will use her to book!
It is true that pricing should be the same thru all Travel Agencies, unfortunately it is not!
I will end this with those of you that call Carnival direct to book, and you receive Navaldo, hang up and call again!
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