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Default Re: Seven Day Cruises

After you do laundry at home do you just pick the clean clothes out of the laundry basket and where them? or do you hang them up?

I'm a bit neurotic, I have to hang up everything and match top with bottoms, etc.

If it's easier, pack your clothes on the hangers and just pluck them from the suitcase and rehang them in the cabin closet. Saves time.

I can't wait to get rid of the suitcases. If I had them in the cabin I would have a broken leg by the end of the cruise because I tripped on them in the middle of the night going tee-tee (too many martinis and too old of a bladder).

My hubby would do the Thomas thing...yikes...that's why I do the packing and unpacking. When we get on the ship I send him off exploring and I unpack. He's in charge of putting them under the bed.

Have a great cruise!

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