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Default Re: Seven Day Cruises

We use a cleaners that hangs the clothes on two different types of hangers depending on clothing style. One is a basic plastic hanger for shirts, jackets, dresses etc. The other is the clip type for hanging skirts, shorts, pants. Both styles are very light, very thin and the best hangers I have ever used for traveling. If they break or I loose them so what. In fact, if I left them it would not matter. I hang all my clothes on hangers so that when I arrive unpacking is very fast. I also group style of clothes together. The more organized I am the easier it is to pack and unpack. My husband has all the shirts that he wants to take with and normally sends to the cleaners folded. I like the idea about the stuff bags. We have used large garbage bags for laundry and I really don't like them. I went on a HAL cruise and the laundry room was just a couple of cabins away. I would throw a load in, take a shower and then put the clothes in the dryer. I came home with almost all clean clothes. Just my dress clothes had to go to the cleaners. It was great. Going on Carribean Princes July 17th. Ship has no self-service laundry. Have to be even more organized about what I take. I know I am probably rattling on. Hope some of this helps.
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