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Not enough to ruin my cruise or to ask for compensation, but I had some very bad food and service in Impressions and Cagney's restuarants (which I wasn't expecting based on reviews I had read) and also rude bartenders in Spinnakers.

At issue was the handling of my request to remove one of the service charges ($10 of the total $70). It was finally done as I perserved, but told I was wrong to do this and had to go through a lengthy verbal and written justification which was followed up with a phone message in my room that I was wrong and they would contact me again. They never did of course. I am concerned with their general attitude with customer complaints.

However, I did enjoy my cruise and the food and service in Le Bistro and Bamboo were outstanding (they received much more than the $10 in additional tips as did some very nice bar servers!) It's a beautiful ship and the spa and fitness centers were great, too.
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