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My pharmasist has always reccommended that the meds stay in the perscription bottles (he is also quite willing to break out a small travel size portion into a labled bottle) . I never take prescriptions for additional meds because the majority of doctors are lic. only in the state they practice and therefore their perscriptions are not valid outside that state or outside the country.

With regards to sched. A/B drugs-I have had to make arrangements with my cruiseline to have mine locked up in a fridge in the medical quarters. I have to travel with morphine supposotories in case of a major migrane (43 yrs. old w/ migranes causing 2 strokes last year). These have to be refridgerated and of course the small cabin fridges have no locks any case, if someone has a sched A/B that they don't want lying around in the room safe the cruise lines will let you check them into the medical facility.

If you want the daily reminder type of container check out a store that carries travel supplies-I purchased a zippered meds wallet with the days of the week imprinted above the elastic bands that hold the pill bottles for less than $10.00. It is very compact and will fit well into the wall safe.

Happy cruising, and don't forget those non perscription essentials (pepsid, immodium, dramamine, benadryl, advil.....)
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