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Default Re: Re: How are tips figured for PC dining

We just returned from a ten day cruise on the Regal Princess and and enjoyed???? the ten dollar per day charge added to our bill, The chatges were very long for evrry day
Princess Charged us $6.50 for the dining room staff and $3.50 for the Room Steward. Ferankly this is less than we usually tipped so it was to our benefit. Howwever, what noted was that the glasses of wine ordered at the meals there was added a gratituity of 15% that i assume ?? goes to the table waiter or the assisdtant table waiter since they were the only ones that served the wine. There was no wine steward.

While I cannot confirm this, I was informed that after the $10 per day, per passenger gratutity system was installed by Princess, those crew members( room stewards, waiters) no longer get a salary but are expected to work just for tips.

The Head Waiter told me that the tips obtained through the $10 scheme are pooled and divided up among the pool participants. Our room steward, who just completed his third ten month work contract did not voice any objection to the scheme and he plans to return.
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