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Default Re: Upgrades or the tactful art of bribes.....

We have upgraded at the pier (or I should say ship) numerous times. As long as there are cabins available. The rate depends on your category and how many categories you wish to jump up to.

The staff (guest relations or concierge) has the rate sheet and said earlier there is no negotiation. So far we always been told it is done on the ship. Tried with the pier personnel and they do not have the power.
Sometimes there is the pier coordinator (this person actually works for the cruise-line) you have to ask for the upgrade and rates. The pier check in people are contracted and do not work for the cruise-line directly.

We have gone from the highest balcony category to a low level suite and found the rate very good. To give an example two days before the cost to the suite upgrade was $1900 for the cabin and on the ship $400. The concierge was very kind and each time allowed us to see the cabin before purchase. We did this with Celebrity.
Now one item to factor in if you did like my wife and I when moving to the suite we now had a butler and another tip added to our expense with this upgrade.

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