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Default Re: Cruisemates Staff Paid/Unpaid

Author: bicker (
Date: 08-25-04 19:53

I have only found one significant cruise-related message boards web site that isn't tightly aligned, or out-right operated, by a travel agency or some other commercial travel-related enterprise

I guess you must mean CruiseMates! Because unless your term "tightly aligned" equates to the fact we sell advertising, CruiseMates is TOTALLY independant.

Just a couple of quotes about Cruisemates:

FORTUNE MAGAZINE: "The Web's best site for articles, advice, or chatting with Cruise People. Self-financed and run independently of the industry, so their opinions are impartial.

NEW YORK TIMES: "Many sites that offer reviews are selling cruises, which raises questions about impartiality. An exception is CruiseMates

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