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Default Did I make a mistake???

Did I make a mistake???
Author: NeedAdvice
Date: 09-17-04 00:07

Perhaps someone has cruised with Celebrity (Summit in particular) can make me feel better. Tonight, our family found the 11-night Western Caribbean cruise on-line. The dates are perfect, the ports exciting, the ship's rating top-notch, we were able to enjoy a slight discount and the agent was able to provide us with connecting rooms. After agreeing to the terms and price, I pulled the trigger and booked the cruise.

Dilemma: Did some more research on the ship Summit (rated #2 in the world by Conde Nast Traveler). Rumor has it that the "award-winning" youth program offered by Celebrity does not operate year-round (like those of other cruise lines). They operate the programs in the summer and during school holiday periods. They do have a "youth area".

As I did further research on this website (Cruisemates), I discovered that yes, in fact I had locked myself in to cruise that appears to be more geared to cigar smoking, martini-todeling, upper-crusts who are eager to distance themselves from children and those with children. Hope I didn't offend anyone in that demographic. We're not slobs. We enjoy fine food and classical music, but we have two young daughters!

This sounds like it may not be as much fun for the diverse ages in our group. Since our trip is within 70 days from now, I would take a 50% penalty for cancelling! New to cruising. Please - someone offer some reassuring words!!!

My four year-old needs some entertainment or we're all going to be sorry.

Best wishes and thank you!
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