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Default Re: New England/Canada-Clothing? HELP!

June in New England is gorgeous its summer - it can be nice and warm, sometimes hot, or we could get a cool spell. If its hot & muggy, be prepared for a line of thunderstorms to pop-up. For daytime wear all you need is shorts, t-shirts, tank tops,and your bathing suit/cover-up- pack a pair of lightweight sweats to throw on in case it does get chilly. When you are in port dress comfortable - shorts if its hot , casual slacks and a lightweight jacket if its chilly.
Evening wear - formal nights -ladies - long dress/gown, long dressy skirt & blouse, or a dressy cocktail dress. Men - dark suit, suit separtes or a tux.
Evening wear - casual nights - ladies - capris & a nice top, dockers type pants and a nice blouse, flat sandals, sheath or sundress with a nice sweater to throw over your shoulders. Men - dockers type or cargo pants with polo shirts or a nice short-sleeve button-down shirt.
Days on the ship are totally casual! If its hot most people spend the day by the pool in their bathing suits, just know that you must wear some type of cover-up when you go into any of the public rooms.
I am from Massachusetts
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