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Default Re: cigars and enjoying them!

ok maybe its just me, but i have yet to have smoke filter onto my balcony from anothers.
There are dividers between the balconies and the ocean breeze usually takes the smoke/smell out to sea, and if you did smell it how would you know where it came from unless you knocked on your neighbors door??????.
I think it is fine if you want to smoke on your balcony. There are also cigar bars and lounges on some ships for those who want to enjoy a fresh cigar in the company of other cigar lovers.
i am a non-smoker and i do totally appreciate a smoker, who in a common/crowded area has the courtesy to ask me " Do you mind if i smoke?" If you do mind the smoke, then a polite yes it bothers me, thank-you for asking, is all it takes for most decent folks to either go somewhere else to smoke, or to wait until later.
Common courtesy and kindness to others -- thats what its all about.
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