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Default Re: Organizing a group cruise

After I booked my cruise, we told some friends, and, quickly we had about 15 people wanting to go. I told my travel agent and she said we could get a group rate, and if we booked 8 cabins, we would get one berth free (which we would just pass on any savings to everyone equally). So, I printed up an itinerary, attached a recent review of the ship, listed a couple of cruise review/message board web sites, and referred them to my travel agent. As far as responsibility, I gave them the information and it's up to everyone to make their own arrangements with the TA. And, this is what the TA prefers......for one person to make all the arrangements could cause confusion (too many details to keep straight - birthdates, credit card numbers, special requests, etc.). And, this way, any questions that come up during the booking process , or after, can be discussed with the TA by the person needing the information.
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