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Default Re: Organizing a group cruise

While a number of people do it and more than half the time it does work out for them it could be a nightmare for the person in charge and sometimes for the entire group. This is why here are Cruisemates we have one guy, (Kuki), that is in charge of getting all the groups organized and prices etc worked out. He can tell you that it is not an easy job and that he learns something new everytime and he has done over a dozen now. So far we have had very good luck in getting them done but believe me, there is a lot of research and time put into this. Cruisemates currently has three Group cruises going and we have already contracted for the best prices and vary the types, location, and cruiseline to try and accomodate everyones tastes and if you wish to avoid the hassel you might think about joining one of them. CM is pretty powerful because of who we are and what we represent so TA's are anxious to work with us and usually do a much better deal that anyone else gets. Something to think about. If you do it on your own, make sure you get everything in writing and know what your are doing and that the TA is capable of putting it together. Good luck.

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