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claude gareau
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Default Re: Cabin Location / Noise

Your odds of a " noisy " or " moving" surroundings are pretty strong.
We sailed its sister ship ISL:AND last summer....were 2/3 way towards
stern, Baja deck,balcony. Felt no movement , and were far enough away
from the elevators, ....but four tablemates were not so lucky, two of there
on ALOHA deck....yes, it can APPEAR to be a better location but, you are
right, under the Top deck, close to elevators area is a receipe for noise.
Regrds being at/near the stern, it is not as clear.

My suggestion, mid-ship//mi decks !!!! Cabins can even be a bit cheaper there !!!

For some mysterious reasons, PRINCESS has designed its newer ship such that
balconies on CARIBE , DOLPHIN and EMERALD deck are more like a patio than
a proper balcony; you are " exposed " to onlookers from the higher decks.
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