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Default RE: Eastern or Western Caribbean?

Hi Ivan,
Wow, kind of tough decision, but if it were me, I'd go on Triumph only because I really like the eastern itinary better, but also for the reasons you stated on not seeing some places in the western on a brand new ship, its almost a draw. You need to decide what kinds of things you enjoy doing more. The shopping in the eastern is much better and you could also visit St. Johns by taking a ferry over from St. Thomas. The snorkeling at St. Johns is good and the whole island is just beautiful. On the other hand snorkeling with the Sting Rays in Grand Cayman is a great expierence too. From what I've heard about Triumph is a great ship, so that would be mine choice, but you may decide on the new ship. Hope I helped just a tad?? Have fun deciding, when do you have to know?

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