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Default Re: ships CDC scores

I'm sorry if I got everyone upset! I was just concerned about the Norovirus...and the fact that some of the kitchen workers weren't washing their hands properly..and were not cooling the food properly. It was in the report from the CDC!
I owned a cooking school, and I reviewed restaurants...and I know what can go wrong....I have delt with inspection supervisors! but it is the managers that make the difference between a "clean" restaurant...and workers and a not so clean one!
I keep hearing about he Navigator and how wonderful it is...but that the food is usually luke warm! This is a concern...and I wish I could somehow convey this to them.
Is there a way to write to them?
Sorry again...I am NOT picky...I just don't want to get sick because of MY health issues.
Hospitals and other institutions also cook for 3000 per day. lol...should I say more??? food is usually terrible! lol
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