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Jim Bragg, during my last cruise on Conquest in January, I was concerned because there were no paper towels in the restrooms. I normally use the paper to dry my hands, turn off the water, & open the door,all while using the paper. I then dispose of the paper at the nearest waste station. While on Conquest I did not get a stomach virus, I contracted a severe head cold & I feel as though I may have contracted it from touching restroom doors (pull in).I saw several females leave the restroom without washing. On my next cruise on Mariner in April I will take my own paper to dry after restroom use open doors & ect . The boat may score an overall high in the kitchen & elsewhere, but the bad germs are more than likely coming from the passengers, they are the ones with poor hygiene habits making the majority sick. I would love to see paper back on the ships again. I know this would be an extra expense, but well worth in light of the reduction of the # of Norwalk problems& less complaints to the cruise lines. Regardless, i will cruise till I die.I hope your wife is recovering in good order and you & she have many more cruises!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate all the time & effort you spend on these boards. You do a great job
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