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Default Re: Attention, VERY IMPORTANT!!

Phyllygirl. No offense but your TA is being very stupid to say the least. Like Mike said, it is not the TA or even the Cruiselines that are the ones to say what you need in paperwork, it is the US Government. Right now, today, you need at least a birth certificate which is an original issued from the town, county, or state in which you were born. One issued by the hospital is not any good, nor is the family bible or your Aunt Sue confirming your birth. It has to be a government issued BC and not a photocopy. In addition to that you need a Photo ID that is also issued by some government agency be it a drivers license, school id, State ID etc. One from you place of employment is not any good unless you work for a government agency. That is minimum right now. At the latest on Jan. 1, 2006 to sail or fly to anywhere except for Canada or Mexico you will need a Passport, period. Not only that even if you are going to Canada or Mexico, if you are also going somewhere else you will need your Passport. There is no getting around it, you need to get your passport before the year is out for all practical purposes. There are some exceptions and areas that are given more time to have to have this document but I would not even worry about that, just get the passport.

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