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Default Re: Luxury Cruise Recommendations

We have sailed Radisson six times over the last two plus years, for a total of 69 nights. We are in our mid-40s. We found Radisson when looking for a special cruise for our 10th anniversary. We ended up taking a 19 day cruise over Christmas and New Years. We were so thrilled with the experience, we immediately cancelled all (two) planned land vacations and have been using all of our vacation time for Radisson since. We have two more booked this year; Tahiti and Southeast Asia.

Things we really like about Radisson:

Max of 700 per ship
All balconies on Voyager and Mariner (we usually book cheapest cabin)
Open seating dining (eat with whom and whenever you want)
Excellent food (Voyager and Mariner have Cordon Bleu restaurant)
Cordon Bleu cooking lessons on select Mariner and Voyager sailings (they were fun!)
Excellen service (one of highest crew to pax ratios)
Good enterrtainment (theater can hold all pax at once)
Nice lounges for dancing
Shore excursions are not a profit center
Bingo is not a profit center (all money goes back to pax)

If you have specific questions, please ask. We took Seven Seas Voyager Venice to Rome in 2003. We took same ship Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale this past fall. Each time, European ports were wonderful (late season both). People are really down to earth. Shorter cruises have more working age couple. Longer cruises are older. However, we have had plenty of people are age on our 14, 15, and 19 night cruises.

Ask Away!


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