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Default Re: Re: Bringing a guitar?

We've actually had to abandon the guitar idea. The airline insisted that it be in a locking case and we didn't have a key for it, and we were also concerned about the volume of stuff we are going to be bringing. We have 4 large suitcases, 2 garmet bags, and a couple of carryons, so that is a lot of stuff to lug around plus we have to fit it all into the trunk of my father in law's car (We are visiting family in OC on the days before and after the cruise.) not to mention any souveniers, etc. we bring back. So, sadly no guitar.

Thanks for the description of the room - the example I saw on had two of the wall beds and it looked like they came down right on top of the main bed. I was a little worried about our 6 year old falling on top of us in the middle of the night. Of course it would be worse if it were our 16 year old!

We leave tomorrow and I am hoping we have a marvelous time!



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