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claude gareau
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The top cabin deck is always right under the buffet/swimming pool / walking
track/hamburger...hotdog may be noisy. First thing in a.m.,
the pool crew pulls out and readies all the lounge pool-chairs; you will sometimes
hear that.
The buffet has a lot of people movement and chair moving aroud....this might
at time be of concern.

The top deck cabin very often has an overhang outside....i-e- The Millenium
series on CELEBRITY.....imo, this is a negative.
Should the ship sail into a finicky sea, you'll '' feel it '' more on the top cabin
decks than , say, '' deck 6 '', mid-ship

All depends how tolerant you are about these Donna says,
if you prefer to be close to the topdeck where there is a lot of action,then
this is the place for you.

Happy sailing
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