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Default Re: Tips....paying ahead and adjusting....

CherieB I humbly disagree with your advice. We just spent over $7,000 dollars for a 10 day Christmas Cruise and were subjected to all kinds of clothes in the “formal” dining rooms.

Dressing for dinner is, IMHO, an integral part of the overall cruise experience at second seating, 8:30 in the evening we were subjected to tykes, and to some extent the so-called adults that accompanied them dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals. I swear the children were looking for a ball pit to play in!

As I have often said on these boards without rules, there is chaos. When one goes swimming, one wears a bathing suit. When one goes bowling one wears bowling shoes, and when one goes to second seating on a cruise one dresses appropriately.

I admire and applaud rrk for her idea of buffet dining.


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