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Default The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pier t

If you are on a cruise that ends in Bayonne NJ and you then want to go to Manhattan, where are the taxi's/shuttles to take you into Manhattan (not an airport transfer)?

The cruiselines have facilities to take you to the airport from the pier, but NOTHING is available for those who want to go into NYC for a few days.

I read on another cruise site that RCL is going to have a shuttle to a rail train 3 MILES from the port to take you to a ferry or path train. So what do you do with all your luggage? You can't possible drag all that luggage on a train or a ferry.

RCL and Celebrity needs to do something about getting some shuttle buses or car/limo service available to those who want to go into NYC.

I just ended my Voyager cruise on May 15th at the Bayonne pier and I set up a car service to pick us up and take us into NYC. They were not very reliable, they were not there when I got my luggage and was waiting outside. I called them (thank god for cellphones) and pleaded that they have to send someone right away (that port is very small and I wanted to exit before the incoming group starting dropping off). They finally came, took us to Manhattan. It was worth the $80 for 4 people and tip.

I'm sending an email to both lines that they must have something available and advertise it as well to their cruisers.

Does anyone have any information on this matter?
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