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Default Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi

AR...I never thought about it on your perspective. I can see where most people wouldn't tack on a visit to a port city, They barely have the time to stay a night before for so that they make the ship the next day due to travel or weather problems.

I just love NY (being a native but now living in Miami), I take advantage of any time I can spend in a city that the port docks at. But I can understand the reasoning "a cruise vacation is cruise vacation" and a "land vacation is a land vacation." Don't mix the two.

I guess in due time when they revamp the port of Bayonne, they might offer assistance to get you to NYC.

Ann.....I would suggest a limo service from NYC to the port. I don't even think taxis will have a price fix fare to the port. If a limo will take you to Newark airport from NYC, I'm sure they will take you to the port. Just make sure you have directions, the limos do not know where it is. I had to give the address to my car service, thinking that they would know exactly where it is. Good think I wrote it down in my little black travel book.

Guess I'm used to everyone knowing where the ports are in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.
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