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Default Re: Sport Jacket on Formal Night - HAL?

I sailed on the Zuiderdam last October. I have a tux because if you live in New Orleans you have to own one because of all the Mardi Gras Balls and Fund Raisers (at least that's how I justified it to myself (VBG). I would say it's about evenly split..about 1/3 had tuxes, 1/3 had dark suits and 1/3 had sports jackets with nice slacks and ties. My sense is that the wife or girl friend really drives what the men wear because I cannot recall one woman on board at the captain's party that didn't look just absolutely stunning regardless of what their husband or boyfriends were the long and short of don't worry about what other men wear and women look at what other women are wearing, not how the men are dressed. Plus my GF loves to dress up so I had to look good to compliment her

you won't feel out of place at all if husband leaves tux at home or does not bring a dark suit..Just make sure he has a really cool tie and shoes and socks they go with whatever he's wearing (yes I do remember one man who wore white socks with brown shoes and a plaid sports jacket that reminded me of the 60's bleeding madras style-and his wife or girlfriend was no where in sight)

have a great cruise and make sure your husband takes you to the pinnacle on the first night (it's 1/2 price) and it starts your cruise out on a perfect note
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