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Default Re: Re: Sport Jacket on Formal Night - HAL?

Thanks, Venice. I sort of thought that might be the case with it split between tuxes, suits and sport jackets, because that's been our experience on other cruise lines, but wanted to be sure. The guy with the white socks, brown shoes and plaid sports jacket would be my DH if I weren't with him. The poor guy is totally color blind and has no sense of style whatsover. Before we got married, 29 years ago, he used to buy his clothes right off the manachins because that's the only way he knew he'd be color coordinated. He secretly wishes they'd make "Geranimals" for adults . I look at this way, it's our vacation, and since he's more comfortable in his sport jacket, we can leave the tux at home. As for his shirt, tie, etc...well, I've been in charge of that area for many years now, so he'll be fine. Thanks again.
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