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annie lee
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Default Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi

this will be interesting because we are set to do this very thing in just a month. We are a family of 4 who travel a lot. We do all types of travel but now that our kids are teens, they like cruising the best Lat year we drove from Arizona to Florida (yes, you read that correct) because we wanted the driving time with our kids. We are all so busy during the school year and I teach school so I am able to have the summers off. My husband says he doesn't mind the drive because they are "stuck" with himin the car!! From Florida we spent 5 days in Miami to "check it out" before flying to San Juan to board the Golden Princess. This year we are flying to NYC and will spend 2 days there before heading to Bayonne for the Voyager cruise. We have taken our children to NYC twice before for destination trips but we all love it so much we just couldn't resist adding a couple days on to our cruise. We do have family in Brooklyn that we will visit with but we prefer to stay in Manhattan as it is more convenient. We will each be carrying one large suitcase so guess it will be car service for us too.
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