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Default Re: Any Ideas?

Arriving in Miami at 7 a.m. doesn't necesarily mean you will be off the plane then. Look at it this way:

7:00 plane touches down

7:05 taxi to gate

7:15 maybe you are walking off the plane then

7:30 you've rounded up everyone from the bathroom etc.

8:00 arrive at luggage carousel, after window shopping along the way & stopping for coffee (flying with kids & how early you got up to make that flight, I assume you will need caffine)

8:30 hopefully your luggage is off the plane by then.

You can have breakfast at the AP; probably a little pricy for bad food or you can take a cab to the pier. It will be at least 9:00 a.m.

You can probably get the stevedores to take the big luggage; tip the cabbie to stick around. Hopefully you've pack light carry ons that are small enough to take with you. Get back in teh cab & go out to breakfast in Miami beach. When you are finished with you long, lesiurely breakfast, you can slowly head back to the pier no earlier than 10:30 or the Bayside Market place (a big open air mall near the pier) then on to the pier. This is all contingent on being able to manage your carry ons.

Good luck.
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