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Default Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi

Annie Lee, if you are in NYC first check with the hotel and see if it's cheaper to get a taxi to the pier or hire a van or limo service.

It's much easier getting from the NYC airport to Manhattan the to the pier.

But it's very hard to get from the Bayonne pier to NYC unless you have a private service pick you up.

Paul thanks for the I'm not good at dragging my luggage on a train.

I used to work in Manhattan and it's hard enough without any luggage.

I still hope that the Bayonne port will have some kind of shuttle service to NYC like a Super Shuttle that will drop you off at your hotel. Even if there are others to be dropped off as well.

I heard that the Bayonne port still needs to be modified for cruising, I am just wondering when that will be.

If I do another Canada/New England on Celebrity next Fall, I will fly into Newark the day before stay at a hotel and have the hotel take us to the pier, then on the return use the ship's transfer to Newark airport...a lot less stressful.

I'll save another NYC trip by itself and not tack it on to a cruise vacation.
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