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Default Re: San Juan Airport Insanity

I agree with the other posters. I have cruised out of San Juan 3 times and it is my favorite port. The first time was pre-9/11, we had a 5pm flight so did a shore tour, spent the day in old San Juan and a hotel. The airport was busy when we arrived, but no big problem. The other 2 times were in 2004 and 2005, we opted to stay over one night and fly out on Monday. It is a big difference flying out on Monday, no huge crowds, there were lines but they were managable. The first time we took a shore tour to the rain forest from Royal Caribbean, were dropped off at the airport and collected our bags and took a taxi to the hotel. This year we just took a taxi to our hotel and spent a nice afternoon at the beach. We had an 11am flight on the both Mondays we stayed over and got home rested and early. She should have listened to you and taken a tour, think her experience would have been different. I think the airports at most cruiseports are a mess on Sundays when there are many ships unloading passengers. My worse nightmare was Ft. Lauderdale on a Sunday, now always try to stay over. I also flew American to Puerto Rico all 3 times, but I think its just that it was Sunday.
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