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Yes, definitely shop but be upfront with an agent and let them know you are shopping so they give you the best price possible. Then if you get quotes that are all within a few dollars of one another, call the agent that gave you the BEST and most ATTENTIVE customer service. Give that agent your bottom line quote and see if he/she can match or beat it. Remember, you get what you pay for - by trying to save $20 per person, you may end up with an agent that could care less and won't be there to assist if you have a problem or issue. Good customer service is missing in the travel agent industry nowadays and when you have an agent that promptly returns calls, answers questions (or gets you answers), and is genuinely interested in your vacation from start to finish, its worth the few bucks you may have saved with some internet company. Keep in mind that you should also work with someone that's got training or has some background in sellling cruises - I worked with an agent trying to book a cruise from an internet company - she couldn't answer any of my questions - finally I asked her "have you ever cruised before" and her answer was NO - hard to properly sell something you've never even experienced...... I've found a great agent - she is quick to get me info, keeps me informed when she mails my tickets, matches deals I find, sends a nice thank you after we sail, and assists whenever/however we need it - again, it's worth a few bucks to have the peace of mind and service.
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