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I totally agree with Spike. I had the same travel agent for 10 years who then retired.

When she retired, it took at least 3 more cruises to find a TA to truly rely on, trust and feel content with the service. Certainly, remember you are the client with the bucks to spend and if the service is not what you want - move on. To me, booking a cruise is part of the cruising experience and that should be as pleasant as the cruise.

Also, I research the itnerary I want, check on-line agencies and search engines like EXPEDIA and always tell the agent the best price I can find and have always let him know that if he can come within 50 bucks of that price, I will buy from him.

Always and even with the agent I had for 10 years, the travel agent has come back with a better offer or some other incentive for me to book with him/her. Bonus is this, you have a personal relationship and a good contact if something goes awry who you can trust to work for your best interest. That is priceless.

One other thing too - I would only ever book a cruise with an agent who has experience of cruising vacations - the more the better.

Bottom line for me is a TA that works for me is not as important as the cheapest price.
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