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Janice Reilly
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Default Legal/Proper ID Documents

I just picked up my Celebrity travel booklet from the travel agent today. I started reading it and under ID required it stated that you must either bring a passport or birth certificate/government issued ID. I have my orginal birth certificate and my GA driver's license. So I thought I was set to go to Alaska on July 28, 2005. The booklet also stated if the name on "this" booklet does not match your IDs, call your travel agent or Celebrity. So I called Celebrity to let them know my name on the travel document is my my married name therefore it would not match my birth certificate. She said i would need my marriage certificate! I told her my travel agent did not tell me about this and she said well, you will need it. Has anyone been on a cruise lately that was told this same information. I have no idea where my marriage certificate is - it has been 20 years ago!! I called the Immigration number and the are closed until Monday. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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