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Default Re: Expectations for Med Cruise?

Several thoughts. We did seven days out of Barcelona and I can't imagine having added another week and hit Turkey and Greece. I think one should do the eastern and western on different cruises. For us, cruising was a comfortable way to be introduced to Europe. None of us (family of four) had ever been to Europe before and were somewhat nervous about being in a country where english wasn't the primary language. We'd venture out by day and return to the comfort of a home base with people we knew and spoiling atmosphere of a cruise ship. We did all of the excursions ourselves and used public transportation (taxi's and trains). This did several things for us: 1. cut the cost to a third of what the cruise line wanted 2. gave us the flixibility of doing what we wanted and for how long we wanted - having never been to these places, you can't really know how long you want to tour the Coleseum until you're there 3. gave us a chance to actually "see" the countries - being with the people on the trains rather than couped up in a bus with fifty people you just spent the last four days on the ship with. My last suggestion is, like someone else said, to spend some time after the cruise enjoying a mini-land vacation. We booked three days on Mallorca which is an island off Spain with miles of white sand beaches and a place where the Europeans go to relax - kind of their Florida. It was wonderful to relax after the port intensive cruise and we were all well rested for our return to the States.

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