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Default Re: Anyone taken a Cruise-arranged flights from West Coast t


The direct flights arriving approx 2.45pm are not a good solution for
you and I doubt the cruise lines would put you on that; it is cutting way way way too
close, specially in winter months.

You're BY FAR better off to that such a flight THE DAY BEFORE....and eliminate any
stress arising from late arrivals; it is defenitely worth the extra night hotel to allow
you to have a pleasant, fun-filled and relaxing cruise,...ALL of it. There is the
extra advantage of checkin-in early on the cruise: you paid the $$$, max-out your stay !!!
You can be on board right around noon-ish; take in lunch in the buffet, check out the
'' lay of land '', then unpack.....all of that before the masses even start arriving. You start
drawing benefits from your cruise investments at the earliest possible time.

If, for whatever reasons, an extra night in Miami is out of the question, then you would
have to bite the bullet and red-eye your way East; you will be bagged when you get on
board the ship but at least, an early check-in is still within reach; and any flight delay-generated stress level is minimized.

Have a super cruise
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