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Default Re: BOW VS STERN

First cruise we ever took, we had a suite in the bow--all the way forward. It was a smaller ship and we hit rough seas. I got really, really sick. That said, your actual experience totally depends on the waves you encounter at sea--something that is totally unpredictable. I agree that the bow is the very worst place to be for movement, unless you're in the bow, high up on the ship, which is even worse. The lower decks move less. But if I had to choose between bow and aft, I'd take the aft because you're not hitting wave after wave head on, up and down, bam, bam, bam. We were bouncing so bad that first night at sea, I could barely walk in the cabin. However, on our trip home, the seas were much calmer, and we were just fine. Now I go prepared and never leave home without my patches for motion sickness. They work so well on me that it doesn't matter what kind of seas we encounter, I never get sea sick anymore.

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