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Default Re: Re: BOW VS STERN

I think a laundromat should be the last reason to choose a cabin location. For one twice a week for $15 you can get as many socks,t-shirts,undergarments etc. into the plastic bag they gave you. Ours was on a Thurs or Sat for a cruise departing on a Sunday. Have laundry ready to go by 10am back by 7pm. I am telling you my dad taught me to "roll" clothes -a navy method and boy did I get the clothes in that laundry bag- (it is plastic size like in hotel room closet you often find). I am not sure how cabin steward got it all back into bag, put quite happy with service. Considering it was near last day of trip and so neatly packed-I trusted Carnival and came back with my bundle never untied. (Yep-true laundry style a bag of folded laundry, and tied closed with string.) I also heard on ship laundry can get quite busy?? Also expensive, if you do use it, bring plenty of change, ziplocs of soap and dryer sheets.

In picking a cabin--I'd like next time of course mid ship, then take into account the "casual dining- buffet location" and perhaps more near that end. Also avoid being above disco, loung,casino areas.
We had a cabin 1/3 from front and no problem with movement. I personally get motion sick just watching my son play a video game--I tried the patch--seemed to work, however Bonine actually did a better job once our seas got rougher. Our formal dining room was toward front, and our booth situated "sideways" so I never felt I was facing forward. Dinner was rougher than our cabin. So I always had a pre dinner- Bonine appetizer :-)

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