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Default Re: off the beaten path in Ocho Rios

I did the Rose Plantation tour when I spent a week in Montego Bay. It was very interestng and the history of the "White Witch" is a great story. I even bought the book!! There was another tour I did that was not listed in the tour books. We had an independent tour operator that worked from the hotel we stayed in. His name was Morris Gifford. Great guy. He took us to a bird sanctuary and we loved it. Most of the operators would not go there because it was such a bumpy ride up the mountain. Once there you have a magnificent view of the ocean. The place was a quaint little cottage occupied by a woman living alone. This was in the 80's so this may not still be there. This woman fed the birds and had them trained. She would sit you in a chair and put seed in your hands. The birds would light on you to feed. She also had liquor "nips" that she filled with hummingbird nectar. She would have you sit still and hold them. The hummingbirds would come and drink right from you. I loved it because it was not commercialized and overcrowded. Caution though. If you are using an independent operator please be sure to use one that works from a hotel property. They are the ones that are properly insured and have safe vehicles. Ones that are not allowed on the hotel property are not insured and usually drive unsafe vehicles.


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