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Default Potential Pollution In Alaskan Waters

U.S. Senator Murkowski(Alaska)has added an amendment to the Coast Guard Reorganization Act of 2000 that the enviromentalist and Gov. of the state contend would permit hazardous chemicals, such as dry cleaning solvents. chemicals from processing film, to be added top the geray water ystem to be discharged into the ocean.The U.S. Deparment of Justice, after studying the amedmant agrees but Murkowski does not. Keep in mind he is heavily influenced by and favorable to the cruise industry lobbyist. Although the bill has been passed by the House and Senate, it is still in committees and final acton has not be taken. If you want to keep Alaska printine, why not communicate with your Congressman, Senator or the President.The last time such end run was tried, the President threatened to veto the bill.

The gray water system on a vessel is the one that handles water from showers and sinks; the black water system is that handling waste from toilets. Unfortunately, the lobbysit for the cruise lines carry a lot of weight. Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysbug said our government is "of the people, by the people, for the people". The way our Congress works it should be "of the politicians, by the lobbyist, for the special interests"
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