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Rick Turner
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Default Which cruise line (for young family)?

My pregnant wife, son (2 years old) and I are contemplating taking an Alaska cruise in May. We would love to see the scenery, get some R&R in, and have some fun. We've never gone on a cruise before, so we have no basis for comparison.

I have some questions that I am hoping y'all can answer.

(1) Which cruise line(s) should we look into? Things that are important to us: some child care & activities for (advanced) 2 year old, flexible schedules (eating), fitness club, healty foods, interesting excursions. As for rooms, we are looking into a suite because our 2 year old would go bonkers in a tight, small room. We live in Seattle so either a Seattle or Vancouver round-trip is what we're looking for.

(2) Any concerns with being pregnant on a cruise? Is the food really fresh & can you get light meals? We are somewhat concerned about motion sickness, etc. -- being pregnant my wife seems more prone to it.

(3) It will be cold outside -- are there indoor pools to use on the ship?

(4) What ports are the most interesting/fun?

(5) Anything else we should consider/know about?

Thanks for any/all replies!
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