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Default Merchants Complaining

In the April 17 issue of the Juneau Dail;y news is an interesting artic;le that may or may not be the result of the fall out over the $5per passenger tax invoked by the City of Jueau. It now seems the merchants are asking the "city fathers" to plead their case that the cruise ships are leaving Juneau too early which is affecting their sales and income. I recall reading that rincess Cruises threatened to limit the time their ships spend in Juneau by leaving early. While many of the merchants may be suffering, keep in mind many of the retail establishments are no longer owned or operated by Alaskans, I have to question if the "city fathers" can be helpful, especially since they like the $3 million plus they take in from the cruise ship passengers via the tax. The last I read about this source of income was the were debating how to squander the money.. Then there is politics to consider. The majority of the voters are employees of the State of Alaska and they have been instrumental in getting the $5 tax enacted.- They don't particularly like the cruise lines. To them the sooner he ships, the passengers and crew members are gone, the better.
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