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Default Re: Do I really neeed a balcony?

do you really need a balcony?? do you really need to cruise?? only you can make that choice. you didnt mention if you are considering a full or mini suite.
in either case the veranda comes with a bigger cabin and with 4 adults sharing the same space the veranda space may become a necessity and not a luxury.

we are from oregon and are sailing on the zaandam inside passage on aug 10 out of vancouver.

my decision is based on the following; amsterdam stops for the day in victoria and we have been there twice. once by land and again this past sept on the zandam. at this point we have no interest in spending the day there again.

the amsterdam cruises hubbard glacier and we decided that glacier bay will be more spectacular

we discovered that we can dog sled on the day we are in skagway and thats a must for my wife.

it would be easer for us to drive to seattle - park the car etc etc. but instead we will fly to seattle

hope this helps a little
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